Monday 14 March 2011

When is the best time of year to buy a narrowboat?

We should have some flexibility in the timing of when we leave for the UK.  When we were over there last October looking at boats, there was a lot to look at and new ones coming up for sale all the time.  It got us thinking about when the best time would be to go.

Some people have told us that the end of Winter is a good time – say February/March.  The Winter is over and the boat sales start moving again.  Those boats that have been for sale over the Winter and not sold might see price reductions.

I would think that in the month or two before Summer would be a busy time for people buying boats in time for Summer holidays.  That would mean more buyers competing for the boats that are for sale.  I guess for sellers, they might think that the best time to put their boat on the market to catch that peak buying time, so more boats for sale. For us to go at this time of year would mean a good six months of easier weather so we could be familiar with our boat by the time we meet up with Winter.

We’ve also had people say the end of Summer is the best time for buyers.  Boat owners planning to sell may spend one last Summer using their boat and sell at the end.  There is also the consideration that if there are less buyers – and with Winter looming I wouldn’t think it would be a time that UK folk would be looking to buy a boat – perhaps the prices would be competitive.  Buying in September/October would mean heading straight on into Winter in just a few short weeks.

Opinions on this subject most welcome!


Peter Berry said...

The boat brokerage people and builders would have you believe that boats sell all year round. As far as I am concerned, any time through the winter is probably best. We bought both our recent boats during February, and negotiated discounts on already reduced prices in both cases. Currently, as I keep going on about, I have never seen the used market prices so cheap, probably due to sales being so slow. Again, the brokers would never admit this. It is only the cleanest and best kept ones that are selling, providing the price is right. Regards, peter.

Amy said...

I would agree that winter is probably best for getting a good price, but maybe less variety?

Anyway, love the blog, glad to be an inspiration for it, good luck with your boating!