Thursday 27 October 2011

The village of Intercourse, Pennsylvania

We have spent the last week (except for 2 days in New York - next blog entry) staying in a village called Intercourse in Amish country.  It's been an enjoyable few days browsing the local shops and hearing the clip clop of the Amish buggies as they pass the house we've rented.

It's a rather touristy place but very quaint.  We've looked at antique shops, craft shops, quilt shops and second hand shops. Look out Kelsie, Charlotte and Colton, mum's bringing home an extra suitcase!  I have bought a few vintage quilts so that's exciting for me. 

The Amish go about their lives quietly and keeping to themselves as much as they can.  They don't like to mix with outsiders but they need to earn a living just like the rest of us so more and more of them are working in, or running, local businesses.  Last night we had dinner across the road in a little restaurant and the waitress was the sweetest young Amish girl.  We've noticed that if we take photos in the street and a buggy comes past, they will look away if they see someone with a camera in their hand.

The main street of Intercourse
Buggies gathered for Sunday prayer
A curious buggy horse

Walking home from church
Coming home from school
An Amish farmer at work

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Peter Berry said...

Hi Elly, your US trip looks fantastic. Perhaps when you arrive home you could write a post outlining how you overcame logistical problems such as booking rented houses, rather than hotels, in the locations that are off the more popular city tourist trail. I quite fancy a trip to the agricultural areas and the West myself in the future, having already been impressed with a visit to Texas, and its roadside information signs which mark locations of historical interest.