Thursday 8 December 2011

Pick of the week - no name

This boat is listed with Boat Finder Brokerage.  I imagine she must have a name, having been built in 2004, but the advertisement doesn't mention the name and it doesn't appear to be written on the boat.  It seems this boat hasn't had a lot of use with only 300 hours on the engine.  There's a couple of things we'd need to do like a washing machine and possibly changing the dinette to a Pullman and turning the bed around.

It's a nice looking boat, with a not flashy colour (we'd rather not flashy!) and appears to have been well cared for by it's owners.  At £49,995 the price is right too.   Click here

Built in 2004
Semi-Trad style

Quality steelwork with beautiful ash fit-out by Stenson Boatbuilders.
Spray foam insulation behind the cabin linings.
Concrete slabs beneath the floorboards.
Overall Length: 57’
Cabin Length: 45’ 4”
Width: 6’ 10”
Interior Headroom: 6’ 6”
Well Deck: 4’
Draught 1’ 9”

Port side: 3 x windows with top hopper style opening vents. 1 x set of steel side doors, wood lined internally. 2 x portholes with opening vents.
Starboard side: 3 x windows with top hopper style opening vents. 2 x portholes with opening vents.
Front: Hardwood half glazed front doors.
Rear: Steel rear doors, wood panelled internally with sliding roof hatch.
1 x 15kg Propane cylinder housed in the bow locker, provides gas to the cooker.
450 litre stainless steel water tank located beneath the well deck. Water pump with pressure switch and accumulator is located in the front cupboard. Twin coil calorifier is heated by the engine heat exchanger and/or the diesel fired central heating boiler.
Heating is provided by the Mikuni diesel fired central heating boiler running 3 radiators.
240v circuit from landline with RCD.
12v lights throughout protected by fuses.
2 x 12v, 50/80 amp/hr engine driven alternators.
1 x 12v, 110 amp/hr engine start battery.
4 x 12v, 110 amp/hr deep cycle leisure batteries.
Victron 3kw inverter/charger.

FIRE SAFETY 3 x 1kg Dry Powder extinguishers
1 x Fire Blanket
The boat was painted when built using quality coach enamels by Stenson Boatbuilders and has been well maintained. The boat was last docked for blacking in October 2010. The hull is protected by black bitumen and 4 anodes.
The boat comes equipped with a normal cruising inventory including a full set of ropes and fenders. Any additional items not listed must be negotiated separately with the owner.
The boat is powered by a Barrus Shire 2000cc, 4 cylinder, diesel engine coupled to a PRM 120 hydraulic gearbox with 2:1 reduction, turning the propeller. The exhaust is lagged, silenced and vents out from under the side deck. The engine powers twin 12v alternators to charge the start battery and the 4 leisure batteries.



Peter Berry said...

Again, my opinions only, but I believe Stenson are up there with the best of them. The price for a 2004 Stenson is also very reasonable, and just wasn't available when we bought ours, also from Boatfinder Brokerage, (who have since had a change in ownership). However, I still think they are unique in that they will send you a walk through DVD of the boats you are interested in. The Barrus Shire 2000cc 4 cyl is the same as ours, from 2003, as it was replaced early in 2004 with a 3 cyl one in that size, (35hp). It is based on a Japanese Yanmar engine. Ours has been totally reliable, although some comment that they can be a little smokey, something we haven't found.

Elly and Mick said...

Looks like someone else thought this one was a good buy too. It's under offer now. Hopefully Boatfinder will keep up their marketing system and will be willing to send a DVD to the other side of the world when the timing is right for us. I'll keep Stenson in mind - thanks for the advice.

Peter Berry said...

We found Boatfinder Brokerage to be very helpful, and I am sure there will be no problem with the DVD. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them. We used them during their transition to new owners, while the selling owners were still there showing them how it should be done. I confirmed that they operate an independent client account for all monies paid in and out by and to customers - very important these days. This particular boat came under offer very quickly. Peter.

Carol said...

looks a nice boat