Thursday 26 April 2012

General update - April 2012

1. We're still waiting

2. Up the street - the shower screen being measured up today, carpet going in tomorrow.  The curtains and blinds will go up on the weekend.  We even have a potential tenant.

3. Quilts - I've made fantastic progress on my Hexagon Star and look forward to our sewing group today to show them my hard work.  I also got a a rev up from Rachel in our sewing group (when she came to measure up the for the carpet up the street).  I have a smaller hexagon quilt that I've stitching with hexagons I made in 1999/2000 when I wasn't well.  They were the first hand sewing I'd done and it was almost finished when I made a start on the Hexagon Star.  Big mistake.  I haven't done anything on it for 2 years and Rachel gave me a bit of a challenge to finish the quilt top by our next sewing group.  It's done! 

4. Our garden is a bit confused.  The weather has been quite warm for this time of year - until a couple of days ago, anyway.  A couple of plants that are spring flowering have had a few flowers on!  One of the plum trees outside our fence had some blossoms on it and the other day at a friend's place she had some flowers on a Banksia Rose.  The vegie garden's doing well though.

5. We're still waiting

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