Friday 13 April 2012

Ten year project update

I had barely sewn a stitch from about November to February.  Seems I lost motivation.  I knew when we had our first 4-10pm sewing group for the year I'd be inspired again, and so it was.

Alison and I are a couple of years into a 10 year project - each making our own version of what we call our Hexagon Star Quilt.  I had only very vaguely in mind what I'd need to achieve each year to come anywhere close to the 10 years of getting it finished.  But, at our first sewing evening for the year in February, Alison had a year by year planner of what she wanted to get done.  I went home and did the same, working out how many of each block I'd need to do per year to come somewhere close to the 10 year mark.  It was a bit of a shock!

Each year I need to make 6 "star" and 11 "hexagon" blocks.  So in theory, by that February sewing group I should have made 12 stars and 22 hexagons.  I was nowhere close!  I had just 6 stars and 10 hexagons done in 2 years.  I do have quite a pile of pieces cut out.  I decided to put aside all other projects and concentrate on this one until I catch up to where I need to be with it.

Since our March get together I've not let a single day go by without working on my project.  It's amazing what progress you can make when you concentrate on it.  I have also caught the train to work a few times and that gives me some extra sewing time.  In three weeks I have made another 3 stars and 6 hexagons.  I'm getting closer to catching up. 

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