Monday 30 April 2012

To do list update

With our plans starting to come together I thought I should review our "to do" list.  We've made some progress but also added extras.

Buy a cheaper house - done
Sorting and packing up belongings for garage sale - done
Apply for Elly's Finnish passport- done
Sell our house - almost done!
Arrange insurance for stored belongings - hmm... better do this one now
Move to new house - remove from list
Open a UK bank account - in progress
Send remaining chickens to their new home
Cancel private health insurance
Arrange for our mail to be dealt with at home
Arrange for mail in the UK
Book airfares
Ship belongings to UK
Rent out our house - in progress
Arrange for someone to have the pot plants
Pack up remainder of our belongings and store
Sell Elly’s car (Mick's truck to be left at workshop)
Book hire car in UK
Transfer money to UK account
Work out what to do with our mobile phone numbers
Buy a caravan for temporary home
Set up bathroom for temporary home
Correspondence to arrive by email rather than post where possible - in progress


Tom and Jan said...

You might want to check with your private health insurer. Some of them allow you to suspend your cover for up to two years whilst overseas. That way your don't lose your points and history.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elly & Mick,

Be prepared for this list to increase by about 90% (believe me) lol.


Elly and Mick said...

Tom, I made some enquiries quite a while ago. If you're gone less than a year you can suspend it. More than a year, if you can show you've been out of the country you can go back at your old loading level. I'm thinking we'll suspend to begin with. I'll check again before we do anything - things might have changed.

Heth, no sooner had I posted this entry and we were thinking of other things. I know it's only going to get worse!