Saturday 13 September 2014

Meet Klara

A big day for us Friday.   We left home just after 7.30am for the almost 3 1/2 hr drive to collect our new puppy.  A couple of days ago we received a phone call from one of our first choice labrador breeders saying they had changed their mind about which colour pup to keep from their litter.  We did some quick rearranging of our week and took the day off to drive to Mansfield to collect her.  We had lunch in a nice cafe/provender before our meeting with the breeder.   Mansfield brings back memories of ski trips long ago!

The breeder had a lovely property and a fabulous set up for her breeding dogs.  Every one of them looked so wonderfully happy and healthy.  They had four pups running around the garden behind the house - waiting to be collected by their new owners.  They were so confident and bursting with good health.  We knew this was a good choice.

After a chat and going through the folder of information provided by the breeder it was time to head off home again.  The sweet little girl, who we named Klara, looked so confused as we drove out the driveway.  She was very still and quiet to be suddenly removed from her siblings.  The journey home went well with only a few whimpers.  Other than that she slept most of the way.  It was well after 5pm when we reached home.  Klara discovered her bed quickly and took herself for a nap there.  We put her to bed in the laundry at 8.30pm when she was tired once again and much to our amazement she passed her first night without a peep.

We have had beautiful weather lately and it's been lovely sitting out having a morning cup of coffee in the sun.  We watch our resident magpie who is now busy feeding her youngsters.  The nest is so high that we can't see the babies unless they peek out to take food from their mum.  It is such a lovely time of year.  The drive to Mansfield yesterday was stunning.  We got talking about how the countryside rivals that in England.  It's only that in England it looks picturesque for most of the year but here we get just a few short months.  Soon it will be dry, dry, dry.


Andy said...

She's beautiful, great name... PS,WF or FL would never of suited her:)

Wish you and the new addition to your family every happiness.

Andy & Sue xx

Elly and Mick said...

You're thinking just as we did. It was Josephine or Klara but Klara is spelt the Scandinavian way and with my family being Finnish I thought it was a good choice. Plus, the Josephine crew are cat people!
Happy cruising.
E x

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Gorgeous puppy and what a lovely name. So reminds us of our Judy when she was little. I expect she will be spoilt rotten and get her own way in everything....well that is until she chews your best shoes, TV control, garden plants, rugs furniture etc etc. Xxxx

Elly and Mick said...

Irene, we wil be trying our best not to spoil her. It's hard to be stern with such a sweet little face looking up at you though. She is already chewing everything with the favourite being the kitchen drawer knobs! Lots of hard work ahead of us I think.
Happy cruising... and keep blogging.
Elly x

Nb Yarwood said...

Fletcher and Floyd say hello. Klara is just lovely

Anonymous said...

Oh wow she is such a cutey! Nick and Emma (Marpessa) xx

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Lesley... and Nick & Emma,
We so often think of all the labradors we met along the way. Especially the black ones!
We were so much looking forward to getting one of our own again. She's a sweetie for sure.
Elly x

Unknown said...

Klara is gorgeous. Hope she doesn't do too much damage with those puppy teeth.

Heather & Mike nb smile&wave

Paul and El said...

What a lovely little doggie.
P & E xx

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks Heather&Mike, Paul&Elaine,
It seemed like forever that we talked about getting another dog so it's nice to have her here at last.
Elly x

Jennifer said...

Hi you two,
Peter and I always think that animals make a house a home, especially dogs. It is important however to train them and they respect this too because she knows how to please you and what is right. Labs are such loving dogs and very intelligent. Enjoy your lovely Klara, hope to see you sometime in Bendigo. Jennifer & Peter nb Mactra;s Filia, Upper Peak Forest Canal

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Jennifer & Peter,
We agree wholeheartedly!
Do get in touch if you're up our way.