Thursday 5 May 2011

Bread makers

We make most of our own bread using a bread maker.  We've wondered how we'll go on a narrowboat with Mick being such a big bread consumer.  Will we be able to find somewhere every day or two to buy fresh bread?  We have watched (several times) a DVD we have called "Life on a Narrowboat" by Mike Barrett about a couple called Graham and Vera who had lived on their boat for 17 years (at the time).  They had a bread maker and Mick's eyes lit up!  I have also read blog entries of people who use a bread maker while cruising.

We will definitely look into the possibility of using one when we get over there.  I guess it would depend on the power the boat can generate.  It seems they are always used while cruising so perhaps using a Travelpack / Travelpower system.

We'd like to hear from you if you use a bread maker on your boat!

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