Thursday 19 May 2011

Getting back on track

It has been a rather difficult 6 months for me with the increasing stress of work over Christmas and beyond and then making the decision to leave my long time job.  I didn't expect to feel so flat after finishing up at work.  There was the relief of it being over with and to be out of the stressful environment but after the first week I felt a little down.  I had lots to do with packing up our stuff in preparation for selling our house and moving.  But... I had no motivation and no routine.  I was used to going to work and having people need me to answer their questions and solve their problems and explain how to do things.  Then nothing.  I was at home packing boxes all day.  It was challenging.

The next few weeks went on in the same way.  I had lunch with the girls from the office most weeks.  With them still being miserable at work it probably didn't help.  Another one of the accountants has since left too and a third is also pretty unhappy there.

In the last couple of weeks I've started doing a little work again.  I didn't want to jump back into a permanent job.  With the house selling project, and planning for a holiday to the USA in October with a friend of mine (thanks to my long service leave money), some casual or part time work is more suitable for now.  I have 2 separate small jobs for a few hours a week each.  Just what I needed.  I think getting back to doing some work has been a good thing and I'm feeling more positive (travel planning is a sure fire way to perk me up too!).  I'm finally getting back on track.

We're no less busy at home.  I've finished with sorting out a few rooms but have a couple with a fair bit of packing and cleaning to go.  I have emptied, cleaned and tidied cupboards, and pared down the volume in each room.  Mick's busy outside - painting the weatherboards, sealing the front verandah, and a few other little maintenance jobs.  We're on a tight schedule to get the house on the market by the end of the month in fact we only have 2 weekends left.  We have a long weekend on 11-13 June so we're hoping to catch the tourists who might be tempted by a country escape. Will we make it?!

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