Wednesday 4 May 2011

Chest freezers

We read a boat test in a boating magazine where they'd fitted a pull out chest freezer beneath one of the dinette seats.  We wrote the idea down on our list for future reference.  We use our freezer a lot at home to store leftover meals and wondered how we'd ever manage without one.  We use a breadmaker (hmmm... another blog entry coming up) at home and keep one loaf in the freezer in case something unexpected comes up and we don't have time to bake one or can't buy one.  And what about ice in Summer - although I guess most small fridges at least have one of those tiny little ice freezers at the top.

Having a freezer as well as a fridge would add to the power requirements but we're hoping we'll be able to have one.  I've looked up some prices and a small chest freezer suitable for a boat is around the £650 mark so not a cheap option. have this one available - something like the one we saw in the magazine.

Freezers - Chest Type Shoreline F40

Category: Freezers - Chest Type

Shoreline Model F40. 12/24 Volt dc Freezer (-12c). 475mmH x 375mmW x 635mmD. 40 litre capacity. White. 17.5 Kgs. Avg Amps per Hour (12V): 1.5 (est.)


Anonymous said...

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Elly and Mick said...

Thanks for your comment. It's great that you like the blog.