Tuesday 3 May 2011

Folding bikes for narrowboaters

I have been re-reading the book "Living the Dream" by Trevor Pavitt.

The author mentioned an incident where some kids gave him a hard time while riding his folding bike.  I must say, the ones we've seen did look a bit funny with their tiny wheels.  This morning at breakfast we were browsing some of the huge pile of magazines passed on to us by Diane before she and Ray left for the UK a couple of weeks ago.  Mick saw an advertisement for a folding bicycle and we got talking about them.   A bike would be very useful for getting around if you're moored a little further from shops.  We plan to buy one.

I did some internet browsing and came across this one.  It is much more conventional looking!  It's the Montague Swiss Bike X50 from Foldingbikes.co.uk.  We'd be interested in comments from narrowboaters who use a folding bike!  Click here for more info.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, we have bought 2x Shimano 6 speed folding bikes from EBay (sterling 150.00 including delivery)and delivered to the Marina within a week. Reviews sound OK and bikes will be good to get to the shops or exploring villages along the way. The truth will be in the pudding when we get to UK next week to begin our Narrowboat adventure on our 53ft boat Avalon Mist. You are welcome to check out our just begun blog abbottlaycock.bogspot.com
and to contact us if you wish
Sarah & Chris (KiwiPoms)