Thursday 11 August 2011

Bread on a narrowboat

In a prior blog entry we've mentioned the possibility of using a breadmaker on a narrowboat.  Mick likes his bread!  I talked about this with Diane when she came up for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  They way she gets around the fresh bread problem is buying part baked bread or rolls.  They don't need to be stored in the fridge and can even be cooked in a microwave.  At £1.49 for the small loaf below it's reasonably economical too.  We did notice that bread was much cheaper in the UK than it is here at home.  We're paying up to $4 a loaf but last October in the UK we bought a really nice loaf of bread for around £1 - better than half the price.


Peter Berry said...

UK price of bread update. Just finished an Asda small 400g wholemeal loaf, sliced at my request, priced at 70p, but bought at the end of sale day on "yellow whoops" label for 30p! Sainsuburys are also excellent value for meat products in the same way at 3.00pm Sundays - often less than one third of pack price. Margaret just loves bargain shopping - trouble is our freezer is full of whoops products whether I like them or not, cheap being the official criteria!

Tom and Jan said...

Jan bakes all our bread and doesn't use a breadmaker. As you are probably aware, the general cost of food is cheaper in the UK. We're currently eating banana's as at the moment they are the cheapest fruit (68p a kilo).

Elly and Mick said...

Peter, that's the thing isn't it.... no space for storing those bargains! We have a big pantry in Mick's workshop where we store non-perishables like loo rolls, washing detergent etc. When it's on special I buy a few. Will definitely have to get out of that habit when we're on our boat.

Elly and Mick said...

Tom, I do recall you mentioning Jan baking bread without a breadmaker. Maybe if I practice now so I'm better at it? Bit hard to force myself to go through the process when the breadmaker is sitting there looking at me.
So jealous about the bananas. They are one of the few fruit Mick will just pick up and eat. They're almost $14 a kilo!! Every few weeks I buy a couple as a treat.