Sunday, 7 August 2011

Getting ahead of ourselves with enthusiasm!

Not a single day goes by that we don't say to each other "we'll have our own narrowboat one day".  We talk about it before we get out of bed on a Sunday morning, we talk about it over breakfast, we talk about it while cooking dinner, and we talk about it in the car on the way to anywhere.  Like today.

We went to Bendigo today to pick up our flat pack cupboards for the walk in pantry at the house up the road.  On the way the talk turned to our narrowboat plan and how it's progressed.  It started as a year away... but maybe two if we like it... or if we can find a little work to pay our expenses we could even stay longer... and then?  Well, we could keep the boat in a marina for 6 months of the year and go over each year.  We could come back to Oz to work and save up to pay our way for the time in the UK. 

I do recall encountering someone on my travels - it may have been a comment on this blog - who lived in Australia and just went over each year to use their boat.

Hmm. Maybe we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves!

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