Friday, 26 August 2011

Only my mum!

Some people have mothers who are working women, some people have mothers who stay home and wear pink fluffy slippers and bake biscuits..... but me.... I have a mother who has made a career out of being accident prone!

Some of her more memorable moments.....
She stamped on a pizza box and impaled her foot on the little plastic prong that holds the lid of the box off the pizza.
She slipped on the back stairs at our old house and broke both bones in one ankle so her foot was just hanging loose (surgery and metal pins).
She stabbed her foot with a pitchfork while gardening.
She stabbed a large kitchen knife through the bottom of her thumb while trying to open a coconut.
She used the stairs where Mick was working on the new back deck at her old house (after Mick told everyone not to use those stairs) and walked into a sheet of corrugated iron, giving herself a huge gash across the head (emergency department for stitches).
She walked barefoot across the building site while Mick built the house we had before and stood on a galvanized nail - straight through her foot.

There's more... lots more... countless visits to the emergency department at the local hospital where I grew up.... broken toes, cuts to be stitched, back injuries, needle stick injuries and chemical splashes at work, numerous heavy objects dropped on her foot.

Having moved from Melbourne to Bendigo a couple of months ago, Mick and I joked about how long it would take her to make a visit to the emergency department at the Bendigo Hospital.  This week was it!  Her partner called me Wednesday afternoon saying Mum was in the hospital.  She'd swallowed a flat fish bone and it was stuck in her throat well beyond reach.  The whole thing dragged on but the end result was nearly 36 hours of terrible pain and Mum in surgery last night having the fish bone removed.  It was a pretty nasty situation and she now has a very sore throat, a raspy voice and a fish bone in a little plastic container with a lid.

Love you Mum!

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