Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Not in the Olympic year?

We know we won't have Coco, our labrador, all that much longer.  She's an old girl.  She's definitely slowing down and her heart isn't as it used to be.  We've discussed possible timings for when we'd consider heading off on our adventure.  The earliest we could consider (depending of course on Coco) would be September 2012.  We need the next year to get all our affairs in order, and to sell and renovate houses.

We've pretty much dismissed that timing because of the London Olympics.  We figure there'll be many travellers to the UK around that time and the airfares might be higher.  I wonder if once the excitement is over and the increased number of travellers have all gone home, if there'll be a good number of narrowboats coming onto the market for sale?  Maybe October could be a good month to buy a narrowboat! 

Any opinions?

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