Friday, 12 August 2011

Home alone

For the first time in many years I'm home alone.  Mick has a night at home on his own every week when I'm down in Melbourne for work but it must be about 7 years since I've slept alone in the house.

I've quite enjoyed the last couple of days - there's been no trail of stuff left all over the house.  Jackets over the kitchen chairs, work pants hanging on the foot of the bed, toothbrushes beside the bathroom basin, wallet and mobile phone tossed on the kitchen table and most of all sawdust and dirt traipsed through the back door.  But, I have missed him and I've had to do things I only occasionally do like putting out the rubbish, feeding Coco and bringing in firewood.  He'll be home tomorrow and everything will be back to normal.

Mick's mum had a heart scare a couple of weeks ago so he's gone to New Zealand to see her again.  It was only 8 or so weeks ago that we were there but we aren't going to have all that much more time that this is a possibility so we thought he should make the most of it.  There'll be no booking last minute flights for a 3 day visit when we're in the UK and she's 85 years old now.  We're very lucky to have a childhood friend of Mick's who lives not too far from Auckland airport and he kindly lent him a car so he could drive down to Taupo to his mum's.  Thanks Clive and Marie!

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