Tuesday 8 November 2011

House update... we're still waiting

We've still had no luck with selling our house.  It is so much slower in the country!  We do have a very interested party but it seems they are in no hurry and are biding their time - probably waiting to see if time will force the price down.  They've told the agent if there is anybody else seriously interested they want to be notified.  We're in no real hurry either so that's fine with us. 

I won't be bothered if we see out the Summer in this house as we have a fantastic evaporated cooling system and it gets extremely hot here.  We won't be dropping the price any further, even if it means we have to wait until 2013 to start our narrowboat plan.  It would be pointless for us to sell a house we love if we don't realize enough to fulfill our dream!  Meanwhile the agent sent the photographer back to take an aerial photo.  It turned out quite well.  You can see how far it is to the next house on our side of the street.  We are surrounded by crown land.

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