Friday 18 November 2011

New Quilts from America

When I booked my trip to America I made sure to allow extra in my budget to bring home a couple of old quilts.  I really did only intend to buy a couple so when I found two lovely ones at an antique market in Kentucky I thought that would be it.  But then.... we were in a second hand store in New Holland, Pennsylvania and I saw a lovely pink, white and green quilt hanging over a railing.  The price was right so now I had three to somehow get home.  On our last weekend we visited an indoor antique market in Adamstown and I was quite pleased with myself to reach our meeting point having only bought a few vintage feedsacks.  The problem I hadn't counted on was Tammy.  She arrived at the place we agreed to meet and was about to burst with enthusiasm - she'd seen a couple of quilts I would like.  I went off with her to look at them thinking that's all I'd do.  One of them was just my thing but I did try and walk away without buying it.  While we stood at an automatic teller to get out some cash I started thinking that I would regret not buying that quilt.  I never see such good quality old quilts in Australia at such a bargain price.  So, I went back to the lady and bought it!

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