Wednesday 16 November 2011

Small packet shopping

I've often wondered how we'll get by with storing grocery items on our narrowboat.  I'm in the habit of buying a few of an item if I see it on special - in particular non perishable goods.  We have a large cupboard in Mick's workshop where we store washing powder, washing up liquid, toilet rolls, tissues etc. We will also have to get out of the habit of buying larger sized containers of items because they are cheaper.

Our latest edition of Waterways World magazine arrived last week and I noticed an advertisement for a company that specializes in small packets of grocery items.  What a great idea!  It is called Piccola Online - click here.

I don't know how easy it would be to have an order delivered while you're moored up for a couple of days or if they would only post the parcel.  I've copied below what they say about delivery and there is mention of being able to arrange faster delivery, or Saturday delivery so there is obviously some flexibility.  We'd be interested to hear if anyone has used the service.


We aim to despatch your goods within one working day of placing your order with us.
The following delivery charges applies to UK addresses. Standard delivery (3-5 working days) 
1kg and under £3.99
1-2kg £4.99
2kg + £5.99
If you need a faster or Saturday delivery service,  please contact us on 08456 80 70 96 or email us on;  and we will make the arrangements where possible.


Christine at said...

Hi Elly. Don't overthink this until you have the boat. There are plenty of shops out there and our liveaboard friends, including some you follow, all cope. Remember the 'big four' supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury, ASDA, Waitrose have on-line ordering linked to booked delivery slots, ther is a fee of course. Subject to a broadband signal and a post code for them to find you. We do list shops in our guides but those in small villages do sometimes close and we try hard to keep up to date. Provided you have a few 'emergency' meals on board you will not starve.

Elly and Mick said...

Oh, but that's what keeps us going! If we didn't think about, talk about, read about, all these things we'd go mad with the waiting. Plus, it's interesting for us to learn about what shops are available in the UK. There is so much more choice than here in Australia. The supermarket delivery is a novelty for us! It's available in the city here but not where we live.

Christine at said...

Elly, if you can find the time take a look at nbhuffler on blogspot. Three boats spend the summer crusing in company and use various supermarkets' on-line services to have deliveries made to the canal side or marina.

We've just been out checking a village (Barnby Dun) for our new South Yorkshire Navigation Guide - we did one for a publishing house 15 years ago, but this will be our own. Unfortunately the canal-side shop has gone but aten minute walk to the village centre found: general grocers, chemist, post office, butchers, chinese take away, fish and chips, hair dressers and a toy shop.