Thursday 10 November 2011

Last holiday photos

I've had quite a few people asking to see photos of our USA trip so I'm putting the last of them on this blog entry.  I know they haven't been in any sort of order!

Several states in the USA have "quilt trails" where people put up painted quilt blocks on their barns.  We didn't follow a map of them but it was lovely to stumble across them as we drove.

 We spent a couple of days with my friend, Sheri, in Kentucky.  She has a beautiful creek through her property and Phantom, the Australian Shepherd joined us on a morning walk.  Sheri, Tammy and I had an enjoyable afternoon visiting an antique fair.  I bought a couple of vintage quilts! More on that later.

My friend, Erin, flew down from Maine to spend a few days with us in Pennsylvania.

Tammy at left, Erin at right

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