Saturday 14 January 2012

Barking dogs

We've been a bit sleep deprived lately.  We have a newish neighbour - she and her young daughter began renting the house over the road in about October last year.  They have two yappy little dogs.

The lady goes to work at 4.30am and locks the dogs in a shed in the yard.  They start barking from the moment she drives away and it's driving us insane.  We don't get relief on the weekends either.  She goes out a lot and the barking continues the entire night until she gets home.  If she gets home!

We have each been to talk to her about it but she's not particularly interested.  There is no apology or assurance that she'll try and change things.  After being kept awake the entire night on the Friday night of last weekend we decided it was time for further action.  On Monday I went to the council and made a complaint.  We are hoping for an improvement and look forward to a good stretch of sleeping at night.

Bring on the narrowboating lifestyle!

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