Friday 10 February 2012

C'mon.... rain!!!

Driving home from work this evening the sky was very dark ahead.  I could see lightening flashing and knew I was driving into a storm.   I was within a few kilometres of our exit from the highway and it was raining heavily.  Just ahead I could see flashing police lights and all the cars were pulled over to the sides of the road on both sides of the highway.  When I got closer I saw why.  The road was awash with hail stones that continued to pelt down.  It looked like there was snow everywhere!

The exit was within sight so I carefully crawled along and turned off the highway.  It was strange driving with the hail crunching under the tyres. 

It was even more nerve wracking on the side road - it's lined with gum trees that arch over the road from both sides.  I'm always nervous driving under gums when it's very windy or raining hard.  Just the other day a woman had a very close call when a large limb fell on her car as she was driving.  She was very lucky.

The hail petered out shortly after leaving the highway but the rain was very heavy.  Water was rushing across the road in several places - doing nothing for my nerves.  In the floods last year I had a few times where I had to drive through water that was threatening to wash the cars off the road.  I was worried that the sections of road ahead that had been under water last year may be in the same state now.  But... the rain eased as I drove and by the time I got home was not much more than a drizzle. 

There's lots of rumbling thunder and the sky is dark but here at home there isn't much rain.  It's just what we need right now too.  The garden is looking decidedly sad and we've nearly emptied one of our large water tanks.  Come on..... rain......

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