Thursday 9 February 2012

Update - houses

I had someone say the other day that I haven't had an "update" post for a while.  I haven't felt we have much to tell lately but here's a start, Lucy.

The house up the road is coming along well.  The open plan kitchen / living room is looking great.  There's a few finishing touches still to go.  The carpet will have to wait a bit, the rangehood we're going to buy this weekend and the curtains and light fittings just need to be installed. The bathroom is almost complete, except for a shower screen.  I have a vague recollection that in the last mention I made of the house that I said I'd take some photos.  I still haven't done that so it must be my weekend task.  We had a very large tree at the front fence line split in half.  That wasted a weekend with the clean up operation.

We also lost an enormous limb from a gum at the back of our home.  Of course it crashed down on the fence which meant more work for Mick.  Not an ideal situation to have a section of fence broken down if someone came to look at the house.

As for the sale of our house, it's been very quiet.  We just have to wait and hope.  Mick saw the real estate agent down the street this week and he said he'd been contacted by someone who is currently overseas.  Apparently they are interested in the house.  We'll see.

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