Friday 24 February 2012

Cookbooks & recipes

I've been adding recipes to my blog so that we can cook our favourite meals while we're overseas.  I would hardly want to take recipe books with us so this way I have an easy resource to find the recipes we use most.  A lot of the recipes come from a series of books (soft cover) called Symply Too good to be True .

When my younger brother moved out of home his mum (my step-mother) gave him the set of 5 cookbooks.  They are written by Annette Sym and adapt many popular recipes to make them healthier.  When my brother and his now wife moved in together they started cooking most of their meals from these books.  I stay with them one night a week so have shared many a dinner with them.  I was soon a big fan of "the books" too.  A couple of years ago I ordered all five of them for home.  There really has been only a couple of dishes that I wouldn't make again.

So now each week I go through the books and mark the recipes for the week.  It's easy to add those ingredients to a shopping list and we know what we'll have for dinner each night.  A lot of the recipes use common ingredients so we keep stock, spices, curry pastes, tins etc in the pantry.  There's many weeks now that I buy nothing but meat and vegetables. It's made life easier with our new work hours.

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