Thursday 22 March 2012

A dong on the head!

My mum seems to be having a rest from injuring herself so Mick thought he'd make up for it.  Tuesday he split his head open!  It seems it didn't knock any sense into him but he's got a nice long row of stitches and will have a nasty scar.

He was late coming home from work and about an hour after he'd usually be home he rang and said he was running late and was 15 minutes away.  Not long after Peter, the man he works with, arrived and got out of his car with his hands full of bandages.  I had a fair idea of what may have held Mick up at work.   Peter had driven him to the hospital and Mick had left the bandages in his car when he got in his own to come home.  When Mick got home he said he hadn't told me on the phone what had happened because I wouldn't have wanted him to drive home.  He was right!

Not the first time and won't be the last.

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