Sunday 18 March 2012

Flexible solar panels

Mick and I have talked about solar panels before and I wrote something about it at that time.  The Waterways World magazine we received a couple of weeks ago had an article about installing flexible solar panels on the the roof of a narrowboat.  We read it with interest but it raised an interesting question.

The article said the panels are glued to the roof of the boat.  What happens to moisture between the solar panel and the roof?  Wouldn't it cause rust?  I think I better investigate!


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Elly,
We have also been looking at solar panels. I would make the following comments regarding flexible panels.
1. They are more expensive
2. You will get less electricity from them because they won't be at the optimum angle to the sun.
3. They are less intrusive and less likely to be stolen.

If the roof is clean and dry when they are installed and a sealer is used around the edges then no moisture should get underneath.


nb Waiouru

Mike and Poppy said...

If the boat roof gets hot on a sunny day the panels will stop working. Air circulation helps to keep the panels cool.