Saturday 3 March 2012

Two days in a row

We've had the last six weeks of Summer without a single inspection of the house.  We'd almost given up!  This weekend has been a slight improvement with two inspections in two days.  I don't think either of them is a promising proposition for a buyer but it's nice to have someone looking.  The agent said it's typical for people to look at houses more once the Summer is over.  There was also some positive talk on the news tonight about house prices in Melbourne.

Friday Mick came home early afternoon to find a couple wandering along the outside of the front fence.  They went up to him as he got out of the truck and were asking about the house.   I couldn't believe it when he told me what came next.  They loved the house and were interested in buying it but they weren't ready to move from Melbourne for another 4 years.  Would we consider selling it to them and renting it back for 4 years?  What?!  If we wanted to live here another 4 years we wouldn't have the house on the market. They wouldn't want to rent it to someone who didn't take excellent care of it and they could see we looked after it well.

I don't know what Mick said to that but shortly afterwards he had a call from the agent and an inspection an hour later.  We felt it was a bit of a waste of time.  Another inspection today by a couple who couldn't quite agree on what they wanted to buy.  He wants somewhere for his vintage cars, she wants a lovely old house.  We'll see if anything becomes of it.

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