Thursday 8 March 2012

An early birthday present

Sunday was my little nephew's 2nd birthday.  They had a small family get together in the park on Sunday afternoon.  It was a lovely day and Declan was extremely excited about the cake on the table.  He ran around with his cousin, Sam, ripped open his gifts totally ignoring the contents, and kept the adults well entertained.

My other brother and his wife were in Sydney for the weekend.  I drove my stepmum home after the birthday get together and collected my brother's dog from her place to take back with me.  I figured that I should work Monday instead of Tuesday in Melbourne as I'd be down there already for Sunday.  I took Zac back to my brother's and spent a couple of hours sewing until they got home later in the evening.

They hadn't been home long when Leanne, my sister in law, started saying to my brother that she couldn't wait months.  For what, I wondered??  He was shaking his head in disgust but didn't really object to whatever it was she couldn't wait for.  She rummaged in the bag they'd carried on the plane and pulled out a small box, handing it to me and said "Happy Birthday".  Birthday?  Mine isn't for 3 months!  I opened the box to find a narrowboat teapot.  What a thoughtful gift, and anything "narrowboat" is bound to please us!

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