Tuesday 30 December 2014

Thoughts with Barry

It's been a bit of a sad time over Christmas with our thoughts on the other side of the world.  Our very dear friends on nb Wintòns Folly have had devastating news.  Barry hasn't been himself of late and we were distressed Christmas Eve when we chatted on FaceTime to see him struggle to concentrate and participate in discussion.  We had been thinking he might have depression until then but this seemed worse.

The next day we had another FaceTime call from Carol with news that he had been taken to hospital by ambulance that day.... Christmas Day!  What they suspected may have been a stroke was ruled out but things weren't good.  Boxing Day we learned that he had a brain tumour.  It was devastating news.  How helpless we feel talking on FaceTime with Carol and all of us trying not to cry!  More tests and scans have since revealed spots on Barry's liver.  Decisions on what will happen next are to be made in the next couple of days.

Barry is in hospital in Stoke on Trent as they were at their daughters place Christmas Day.  Nb Winton's Folly is at Braunston.  With Barry needing to be in hospital or near the hospital for a while it makes things a bit difficult having the boat so far away.  We joked about Mick jumping on a plane to go and move the boat for them.

Salvation arrived by chance encounter.  Carol bumped into Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale while she was at the shops in Stone.  They were moored on the visitor moorings.  In true style of boaters helping each other out, Ray offered to move the boat for them with the help of Gordon from nb Ewn Ha Cul.  It's a trip of a good 6 days in freezing Winter weather.  To complicate matters there is a Winter stoppage in their path from 5th January so a decision had to be made quickly.  It's a big ask for folk to drop everything over the New Year period to spend long days cruising and locking and Carol didn't know what to do.  The weather forecast wasn't too bad..... Carol would love to be sleeping in her own bed..... Barry wouldn't be worrying about the boat if it wasn't by itself in Braunston.... Aston Marina is familiar and there are people they know moored there.... it's close to their daughters place.... if the boat wasn't moved now it would be there until after the stoppage was over in early Feb.  Carol made the decision that if Ray and Gordon were truly willing then she would be very grateful to accept their offer.  A quick message and a quick discussion and a plan swung into action.

Carol wants to say a very heartfelt thank you to Ray and Gordon, and also to Roly from nb Klara (yes, that's where we got the name) who has offered to drive the guys to Braunston to start their journey.  She wants everyone to know what a very kind and generous thing they're doing.  We wish them a safe trip and hope all goes according to plan.

We can't quite believe that in such a short time it's gone from exciting plans for their trip to visit us next September to this!  Devastating.


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Wow, I saw them leaving through the ice yesterday evening in Braunston. I did shout out in jest that we must be mad - in us contemplating boating in this weather - but now I see that it was absolute goodness of spirit that had them out there in the freezing cold. I don't know the gents concerned but it's a wonderful thing to do and so typical of boaters' camaraderie - well done to them and best wishes to the owners at this difficult time.


Jennifer said...

Hello Elly and Mick, although we have never met Carol and Barry, we feel like we know them through your blog. We could see that you are 'great mates' when travelling together. Sometimes you just click with people - don't you. So, we know how you must be feeling. I'm sure they will know that your love and support is going out to them and such great things can be done these days. Try to keep your spirits up and hope to meet when we're next on the mainland. Jennifer and Peter nb. Mactra's Filia

Ade said...

Hi Elly,
Wow how terrible for Carol and of course Barry my thoughts are with you all.
I saw the story unfold today first Rays post gypsyrover but he named no names.
Then another post by Paul Manlyferry. I didn't fill in the gaps until I saw Toms post with pictures of Wiltons Folly passing with Ray at the tiller.
Then I looked at Toms nb Waiouru blog feed and saw your post here to confirm my fears.
Well done done to those guys bringing the boat back over New Year, I'm sure Mick would of done it too.
What a great community you guys are hats off to you and again thoughts with Barry and Carol and their families.


Elly and Mick said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone - from us and from Barry and Carol. I know they will appreciate it!

Kelvin and Rachael said...

Hi Elly and Mick, As you know we have been following your blog for quite a while and feel that we know Barry and Carol from all your blogs that we have read. All the best to them both and we hope that it's not too long before Barry is up and about and back on the cut.