Sunday 6 February 2011

Our favourite boat is still for sale

Our favourite find when we looked at what was for sale during our trip in October 2010 was nb Pukeko.  Every week or two we check if it's still for sale - you never know, we might win lotto and be able to buy that boat.  :)

Pukeko was on our list of boats we liked before we left for our holiday and I think had been for sale for at least a couple of months before.  I wonder if there's a problem we don't know about - it seems a long time on the market!

We loved the interior of the boat and didn't mind that there was a little work to be done outside.  At this price we'd splash out on a new paint job!

The price has dropped to £42,950.  Here's a link again : nb Pukeko


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Mick and Elly
The bottom has dropped out of narrowboat sales, we believe, so there doesn't have to be a problem with it. We were extremely lucky with our sale. Timing is everything.

Peter Berry said...

Hi Elly and Mick, Dereck and Dot beat me to it! When we first started to look at used narrowboats in 2005, there was nothing on sale less than £40000, and they were usually do-uppers. After the crunch in 2007 the prices dropped like a stone, and that is when we bought ours, being lucky to get a quick sale, albeit with a £5K loss on the cruiser. Whilton usually have a quick turn round even now, but price and condition are everything. There are still some owners out there who refuse to recognise that the market has changed drastically. The other thing to consider, is quality. As with all things there are expensive, luxury goods, and budget useable goods. Boats are the same, and the builder of this example, I would say falls in the latter catagory. Nothing wrong with that, but when new boats are built for £1000/foot, you have to expect that the sale of an eight year old boat will have depreciated slightly. The difference between the catagories is usually material. E.G. this company uses veneer faced MDF or ply in construction, where the premium boats might use solid oak or ash. Hull builders also get huge followings in this industry, the most popular ones will sell at a premium, the others not. Kelly Louise is "a budget boat", built by a fabrication company who build boats as a sideline to their main business of motor bodies. Although it's equipment is just as good as more expensive boats, and its steel of the same thickness and quality, I could never hope to ask more than a certain amount for it, as when new it just didn't cost as much as one would from say Tyler Wilson. Have you seen the specification page on mine, there is a link to the hull builder. Compare that to Tyler Wilson's website. I hope I haven't gone on too much, but it was probably just the price that was holding back the sale of this particular boat.