Wednesday 23 February 2011

Self fitout and resale

While browsing through boats for sale we often see boats fitted out by the owner.

We suspect self fitouts would be an unknown quantity.  Have they got it right?  Is the insulation installed correctly?  Are the pipes the right size for the job? Is everything sealed and joined properly?  These are all things you can’t see.

After having read a horror story about a toilet leaking into the back of a wardrobe I’m very wary about boats fitted out by their owners.  We think that if we feel this way then it’s likely that potential buyers when it comes time to sell the boat on again may feel the same way.

We think we’ll eliminate self fitouts from our search.


nb chance said...

wise decision, self fit outs are more difficult to sell for the reasons you have mentioned. Always best to buy a reputable boat from a well known boatbuider.

Tom and Jan said...

Unfortunately the same concerns might be held for a "professional" fitout!

Peter Berry said...

We think alike on this one!