Saturday 19 February 2011

Stressed and unsettled

We are both feeling unsettled at the moment and the narrowboat talk crops up several times each day.  I'm not happy at work, I'm feeling extremely stressed, we've started packing our belongings, and before we know it we'll be selling our house.  We both just feel like we want to get out of here now and be relaxing on our narrowboat!  Maybe it's the full moon.....

We went to have a look at a house today that was similar to our own.  We wanted to compare it and get an idea of the price and how long they are taking to sell.  We'll watch this one with interest.  It isn't renovated but is in comfortable living condition.  We talked to the agent about timing for selling our house.  We had thought to wait until Spring as everything looks at it's best then.  Now we think we'll put the house on the market before we settle on the new house we bought.  So about June and the middle of Winter.  The agent feels that the market is strong right now and the buyers are out there all year round but there isn't much selling in Winter.  We think we'll give it a try.

Hopefully I'll sort something out about work too.


Peter Berry said...

We Have just opened the boat up for the coming year, and I am currently sat here on the boat's laptop, connected to my 3 mobile wifi internet thingy. We are going to stay all week, and get some Spring cleaning done. The heating is on, as is the log burner. There is snow forecast overnight! We have been into Nantwich this afternoon, and have taken photos to write my next blog for those who have never been. We look forward to waving as you sail past in the future, hopefully on your own boat, when you join the Llangollen to explore that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
I think we are on a parallel universe in Sydney. We also went looking at houses in the area and comparing prices etc. We came away thinking we have got the price about right, we will see.
The real estate guy is very much sell now as there isn't a lot of houses on the market right now and if we wait too long it could become flooded. Obviously he wants a quick sale and to take his 2%.
We can’t go yet as we have the 6 month wait for the rabies vaccine to kick in. When we put the house on the market and signed the contract I thought I was going to have a heart attack but after a day or so it was great we now have a time frame, we are really enjoying cleaning out all the crap and making the house look smick.
Our best case scenario is selling soon and getting a very long settlement, but if we have to wait so be it, we can save more money.
Elly, what do you do for a job? I quite enjoy my job, its going to be tough telling them that I will be going but I can't help that. I work in the marine game and go to a trade show every November in Amsterdam, I have been going there for over 10 years now and have got some good contacts in the British marine game so hopefully they will come in handy if we need any spare parts etc.
Been a stinking hot day here again today, I went for a motorbike ride with a mate at 6.30am before it got too hot.
Enjoying your blog, we should start one but just haven't got enough time at the mo.
Talk soon
Paul and Elaine