Saturday 26 February 2011

Preparing to go list

I've been keeping, and updating, a list of things we need to do before we can go to the UK.  Some of these items I'll have a blog entry about - I've found little information about many of these things!

So far we've done the first item (buying a cheaper house) and we're on our way through the sorting and packing.  I've also started with applying for my passport because I'll have to go to Sydney to lodge the application (and have biometric details taken). We aim to have our house on the market for sale in June.

If there is anything I haven't thought of, do remind me!

Buy a cheaper house
Sorting and packing up belongings
 – things to go to new house
 – things to store because we don’t need for now
 – things we’ll take with us to the UK
 – things to sell at garage sale
Apply for Elly's Finnish passport
Sell our house
Arrange insurance for stored belongings
Move to new house
Open a UK bank account
Send remaining chickens to their new home
Cancel private health insurance
Arrange for our mail to be dealt with at home
Arrange for mail in the UK
Book airfares
Ship belongings to UK
Rent out our house
Arrange for someone to have the potplants
Pack up remainder of our belongings and store
Sell Elly’s car (Mick's truck to be left at workshop)
Book hire car in UK
Transfer money to UK account

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