Saturday 14 May 2011

Recipe - Tuna Bake

We've had a long standing favourite recipe for a Tuna Bake that used pantry items.  It was our backup plan.
Recently we tried this one from Symply Too Good To Be True (book 4, page 25) and it's the new favourite!
Here is our version.  Serves 6.

·         1 ½ cups dried macaroni pasta (or any other shape)
·         2 x 425g cans tuna in spring water
·         Cooking spray
·         1 tsp crushed garlic (in jar)
·         2 cups sliced mushrooms
·         ½ cups sliced shallots or onion
·         1 cup frozen corn kernels
·         310g tin creamed corn
·         2 tsp chicken stock powder
·         2 x 30g sachets 4 Cheese Sauce (Continental)
·         1 ½ cups boiling water
·         ½ cup low fat grated tasty cheese
·         Preheat oven to 180 degrees
·         Cook pasta and drain
·         Drain tuna and break up with a fork
·         Coat a large non-stick fry pan with cooking spray and saut√© onion, garlic and mushrooms for a couple of minutes
·         Add tuna, corn kernels, creamed corn and stock powder, combine well
·         In a small bowl, dissolve the 4 Cheese Sauce sachets with the boiling water
·         Add the cheese sauce the pan and fold together
·         Finally, add the pasta and mix
·         Pour into casserole dish and sprinkle grated cheese on top
·         Bake for 30 minutes


Christine said...

Dear Elly and Mick,
finally I caught up with your blog until this day. I had to smile when I read about myself in "People from all over the world" - being that woman from Germany who fell in love with narrowboats. Thank you so much for all that useful information you packed in your blog. I also loved to read about the business narrowboats, wondering about how on earth I will be able to fulfill this dream to live aboard a narrowboat without a job. It`s not easy to do a thing like that coming from another country. I keep my fingers crossed for you, that it all may come true soon.
Whenever you are in Germany, please write a mail, I`d love you meet you. And Elly - your patchwork is beautiful, how on earth can you be so patient, it`s amazing!
All the best

Elly and Mick said...

Hello Christine,
I'm glad you like the blog. It's lovely to hear from people reading it, especially someone from Germany!
I remember how exciting it was when I first stumbled across blogs about narrowboating. I was addicted to them and read some that had been going for 5 years. It took a while. Now I'm still reading them.
I always think if you want something badly enough, and keep working towards it, you will eventually get there. We hope so.