Monday 23 January 2012

Pick of the week - Dreamweaver

Some weeks we find a boat that would be suitable for our purposes and some weeks we find a boat that we'd really love to buy!  We have no idea whether when the time comes, the boats for sale at the time will include an exciting one or just something we can live with.

This boat is for sale with Great Haywood and it's a name I quite like : nb Dreamweaver.  I think it's a name that suits us after being "narrowboat dreamers" for so long.
I really like this one.

Name : Dreamweaver
Length : 58.5ft
Stern : Semi Trad
Price : £57,500.00
Year : 2004

Plating Specification : Steel 10/6/4
Flat V-Hull Or Keeled : Flat
Built by : Alexander
Fitted out by : River View
Cabin sides : Oak ply
Flooring : Solid oak
Insulation : Spray foam
Source Of Hot water : Calorifier/ Immersion heater
Central Heating : Mikuni
Solid fuel stove : Bubble diesel stove
Water tank capacity : 120 gallons approx (stainless steel tank)
Engine make : ISUZU
No of cylinders : 4
Keel, water, air cooled : Keel
Gear box make : Hurth
Bow Thruster : Yes
Diesel tank capacity : 65 gallons & 28 gallons for the stove
Additional Notes : Twin alternator
12 Volt : Yes
240V landline : Yes
Inverter : 2.5kw & charger
Generator : n/a
Batteries : 1 starter, 6 leisure & 2 for the bow thruster
Additional Systems : Battery management system
Type of toilet : Pump out & porta potti
Bath/Shower fitted : Shower
Vanity Basin : Yes
Fixed Berths : Double (extends to 5ft)
Extra berths : L shaped dinette converts into a double
Cooker : Yes
Fridge : Yes
Gas, 12 Volt or 240 volt : 240v
Additional systems : Washing machine, microwave, side hatch
Maintenance : Engine serviced every 250 hours, blacked every year from new
Additional Notes : Front and rear cratch cover, galvanic isolator



Jennifer and Peter said...

Hello Elly and Mick, just left a comment about your blog on 8April asking if there were any other Aussies out there who were in the process of buying a canalboat in UK. We are Jennifer and Peter in Tassie and are just in the process of finalising our buying a secondhand 55'.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Jennifer & Peter,
Fantastic to hear of more Aussies on their way to the UK. We'd love to hear all about your plans.
Leave a comment with your email address (I won't publish it if you'd rather not) so we can keep in touch.

Paul and El said...

Hi Elly
Keep us in the loop, we can all have a little get together..
My brother has sent me all the Caxton manuals, plus the survey report so we have plenty of bedside reading!