Wednesday 13 February 2013

Another blog to read...

When we were back in Australia dreaming about owning a narrowboat I was obsessed with reading blogs.  I'd find a new one and go right back to the start and read the entire thing!  Admittedly some people write better than others but at the time I didn't really care.  I read so many that I totally lost track of who was who and what their boats were called and what sort of dog they had.

Since being here ourselves I've has much less time... or maybe it's that living the dream has made me a little less obsessed with everyone elses!  I do keep an eye on the blogs of those we've met or the blogs I've particularly enjoyed reading but there just isn't enough hours in the day for them all.  I did, however, stumble across one I hadn't read before and I've enjoyed the few entries I've read so far.  Maybe I'll have to go back to the beginning of this one as it's not been around all that long.  The title of this blog caught my eye because it so accurately sums up our experience to date!  Blog : One thing after another

As for today, I had work to do.  In between times there were other things to occupy my time.

I've ordered a service kit for the loo and arranged for someone to come out and replace the necessary parts.  Mick had intended to do this before we headed out of the marina but by the time he comes back from Australia I suspect we'll be itching to go.  Ordering the right thing wasn't so easy.  I rifled through the boat bible to try and determine what model of Vacuflush we had.  The reference numbers covered by the booklet didn't seem to match with anything on Leesan's website.  The booklet did mention the part number for a maintenance kit (not quite the same thing as a service kit) and I managed to find that on the website.  It was 2" pipework.  So can I assume that I need a service kit that uses 2" fittings?  I decided to be sure I should ring Leesan and check with them.  The fellow said if the boat was less than about 4 years old it would be the 2" and if it was more than that then the 1 1/2".

I sat back down at my computer to order the kit but still something held me back.  I emailed Roger from Crown who built the boat to ask if he knew off hand which one was correct.  He emailed me two pictures of the "old" and the "new" type pump.  To identify which we had means grovelling under the mattress of the bed with a torch in hand to look underneath.  Oh dear!  I've had the extendable bed pushed back in since Mick's been gone (now I don't have to walk like a crab through the bedroom) so the slats of the pull out extension fill in the gaps of the slats under the bed.  Also, the drawer under the bed needs to be pulled out to easily shine a torch between the slats.  There I was with the mattress resting on my head, the drawer pulled out, the pullout extension out (very awkward) and shining the torch at just the right angle to see which picture matched our loo pump.  I'm so glad I went to the trouble as my first conclusion had been correct.  Lucky I didn't just go ahead and order after the phone call.  The parts are on their way.

At lunch I joined Roly and Bev (nb Klara) and Rob... hmmm don't think I know the name of Rob's boat and Sally and her friend up at the bistro.  They're having a special crepes week.  Delicious.

Then, this evening I had dinner on nb Ferndale with Ray and Diane.  It was a lovely dinner and we had a great chat.

So I've not been lonely and I'm very grateful for all the offers of help.  Thanks very much guys!

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One Thing After Another said...

Hi Elly

Great to hear from you too! Glad you love the blog - we love yours too and are regular readers! Yep we've have over 18 months of one thing after another on this boat, and that's why we came up with the name and I think it's something that most boaters can related to!

Hope everything's going well with Mick away? We've added you to our blog roll although it doesn't always show up on the home page for some reason?!

Take care
Lewis and Pawel