Friday 1 February 2013

Counting days again

We are back to counting days.... this time to when Mick leaves for his 7 weeks back in Australia.

This morning Mick went for a walk to Stone to take a bag of clothes to the charity shop and replace the ash bucket.  We arranged to meet at the Three Crowns for lunch as we had a discount voucher for 25% off.  Meanwhile I had work to do.  I spent another few hours when we got back

As the light began to fade I finished up my work for the day and we headed out for a walk.  First we helped nb Winton's Folly into their mooring as they were on their way back in from Stone. On our way down the pontoon we found Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale on their way back in from a day out in a hire car. They will be out cruising by the time Mick returns from Oz so we had a chat and farewell and took Banjo with us on our walk.

We arranged an evening of canasta with Barry and Carol so will have a light dinner before heading over there later. Another enjoyable evening ahead!

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