Thursday 28 February 2013


I think it must be my favourite town in Germany.  Of those I've visited so far anyway.

We've had a quiet couple of days with me spending the mornings working while Claudia and Tamara are at work and school.  Yesterday afternoon Tamara brought Kara Sina home with her to work on English homework.  Susanne came to collect Kara Sina later in the afternoon so it was great to see Susanne again too.

After having walked past the box of Easter decorations in the living room for days I decided to put them about myself this morning.  I'm not sure the arrangement is up to the usual standard but the box is back in the basement.

Then, later this afternoon we went to Heidelberg.  It's just the loveliest place.  There is an extremely long main street in the old town - a mile long I just discovered - that is lined with interesting shops and cafes.  At every corner there's quaint side streets to peer down.  I don't think I'll ever tire of visiting.  Tamara had a few shops she wanted to see so we went our own way and met up at Starbucks for coffee.... Starbucks!!!..... in Heidelberg!!!!  My favourite of the shops is the Christmas shop called Käthe Wohlfahrt.  I added to our collection of Christmas decorations today....  flat pewter ones so they'll be easy to transport.

On one side of the main street in Heidelberg is the river Neckar and on the other there is a fantastic old castle.  Mick and I went there by train from Speyer when we were here in 2007 and he enjoyed the visit to the castle.  We'll have to do that again some time this year.

Photos :
1. - 2.  Claudia's house - the first of the snow
3. They are cigarettes at the checkout!
4. - 12. Heidelberg at dusk
13. Christmas decorations
14. - 16. Easter/Spring decorations

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