Monday 25 February 2013

German Easter craft market

We went for a drive to a nearby town to check out their Easter craft market.  The Germans seem to love decorating their homes and there's always lots of eggs, chicks and bunnies on show.  The market itself was nice to see... although I can't buy a thing because I couldn't fit another item in my small wheelie case.  More interesting were the museum displays relating to the adjoining "castle".  There was a large collection of laundry paraphernalia.... dozens of irons, washboards, washing machines, packaging and signs.

Across the road there was more with rooms covering different themes.  Of particular interest to me were the women making lace and the lace and stitched shelf edging.  The room with old dolls houses, miniature trains and carousels was nice too.  I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Something I remember clearly from my first ever visit to Germany in 1999 was seeing a cigarette machine on a street corner. They are still here today.  In Australia, the advertising of cigarettes is banned and supermarkets are not allowed to display them for sale at all.  I always notice that there are more smokers here than at home now.

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