Sunday 3 February 2013

Hire car

We had a great evening last night playing canasta with Barry and Carol.  It was midnight by the time we came home... we needed to play a tie breaker.  Barry and I won!

This morning was my first morning in ages that I didn't have work hanging over my head.  Excellent.  I took the opportunity to start digging out the suitcase and other things Mick will need to take home with him.  With all the extras now packed in the suitcase (now taking up half our dressing area at the end of the bed) the dinette is in far better shape.  No more stuff stored on the floor underneath, just the 2 sets of plastic drawers.  It also made reality start to set in... he's deserting me for 7 weeks!!

We also had to dig out the navigator, Mick's passport plus our keys for the caravan and shed.  Surprisingly I was able to locate them all straight away.  The storage system is obviously working well.  I also made copies of some documents showing addresses for picking up the hire car.

Not long after midday we had a call from Enterprise to say they were leaving their office to come and collect us.  The service is just fantastic.  They have a couple of other cars out to boaters from Aston Marina - Jim and Joan have gone away for a week or two and Ray and Diane took off in their hire car this morning.

We headed off in the direction of Penkridge to see if they had a locking diesel cap to suit.  On the way we stopped at the Seven Stars for lunch.  There was no luck with the diesel cap, they were all the wrong size.  Back to the drawing board on that one.  Penkridge is a lovely little place and we went for a walk around to check out the shops.

We did a top up shop at Tesco on the way back to Stone, and then checked out the antique store we'd seen on our bus trips.  Tomorrow we'll make the most of our only full day together with the hire car and have a day out driving.

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