Saturday 16 February 2013

London calling

I love London!  I'm having a few days away while Mick's home in Australia.  He hates crowds and isn't at all interested in visiting London unless it's by narrowboat.  I enjoy every minute of being here.

I love the bustle of the underground.  Everyone's in such a hurry and when you're not you can just sit back and watch them rush.  I do always make sure I'm tucked up back in my hotel before the peak hour rush starts.  I got caught out once years ago when I had to go to the eye hospital and it was horrible being crushed in a crowded carriage.  I won't let that happen again. 

On the tube today I've shared a carriage with a pigeon (he was on the train when I got on at Bayswater), a pair of Chelsea Pensioners (Click here or on Wiki to read about them - I came back and looked up what the uniform was), and a pair of Irish buskers who entertained the passengers.  I would have loved to have taken a photo of the Chelsea Pensioners but I didn't know who they were at the time and they might not have liked their photo taken.  They looked so smart in their uniforms and medals.  The trains turn up within 3 or 4 minutes every single time you walk onto a platform and today nearly every time there was a training pulling in just as I got to the bottom of the stairs or escalators.  You've got to love that! 

I've been for a walk to see Big Ben (again!) and the houses of Parliament yesterday when I arrived.  Then today I visited some museums.  I've checked out Harvey Nichols and had lunch at Yo Sushi in Paddington station.

Photos :
1. Courtesy of Wiki - a Chelsea Pensioner in his uniform
2. Richard I
3. The houses of parliament
4. Detail of one of the towers
5. Another view of the houses of parliament
6. Westminster Abbey
7. I didn't realize until I looked at this photo for the blog that I'd caught 3 London icons in the one shot - Big Ben, the London Eye, and a black cab.
8. Big Ben up close


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