Wednesday 4 June 2014

Lunch with Maggie and Ray

More stuff to sort out and pack away and bag up for charity.  The morning went quickly.

We've had today's lunch date booked in for a while.... a catchup and farewell to Maggie and Ray in Warwick.  We met them through the internet in 2007 as potential house exchangers.  We didn't end up swapping houses with them but found new friends instead!

They took us out to lunch today.  We walked the 15 minutes or so from their house to The Saxon Mill.  It was a fabulous converted water mill with the wheel still turning on display.  What a lovely setting for a bar and restaurant.  We will definitely remember this lunch.  

We chatted with the waitress, a girl from South Africa who has had a lovely four years of working 7 months of the year as a waitress in the UK and then travelling for the other 5 months.  We have met Aussie waitresses who have jobs through a similar agency.  They get a waitressing or barmaid job, somewhere to live and sometimes a meal a day too.

After an enjoyable meal we walked back to Maggie and Rays to sit outside while the weather held (after Mick investigated the problem of the wobbly loo seat).  Their garden is looking fantastic with the herbs thriving.  Made me hanker for a herb garden of my own.  Not long now.

The day passed quickly with time late in the day to pack up the things we need to take back to the boat tomorrow.

We have really enjoyed staying on this farm. It's so peaceful to come back to at the end of the day.

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