Tuesday 3 June 2014

Packing day

Just three days left!  Today's mission was to pack.  We did some research on the Argos website for suitcases large enough to fit Mick's chimney sweeping rods.  It's a set of them that screw into each other to make a long handle that you put a chimney brush on the end of.

When we got to Argos we were out of luck.  None of those we'd marked would fit the rods and anything bigger was oversize for our luggage allowance dimensions.  We decided to just buy the cheapest of the suitcases that was a decent size and ship the box of rods home.  I took some photos of the Argos store today to show everyone back home.  The store doesn't have stock on shelves, just a series of stations with huge catalogues and a monitor where you can look items up.  You write down the numbers of the items you want to buy and go to pay for them either at a self service kiosk or at a counter.  Then you stand at the collection point waiting for your goods to be brought out.

While we worked out where and how to go about sending yet another item home we sat at Costa having a cup of coffee.  We got chatting to a friendly couple with the sweetest 8 week old guide dog puppy.  Her name was Vespa and she was a very gentle little girl and so tiny! 

Back at the barn for lunch, we taped up the box of rods ready to take to the post office in Warwick.  While Mick went to the post office, I had a haircut.  It was another place that felt strange visiting by car when last time we were in the town we had walked there from the Saltisford Canal Centre where we were moored.  On the way back we couldn't help ourselves.  We parked the car and had a walk along the Saltisford Arm to check out the moored boats.  We spied nb Hadar but nobody in evidence.  Since we were last there the gardens have grown up and the paths have been refreshed. 

By the end of the day we had finished washing the linen, towels, rugs from the boat and packed up our two suitcases.  We will have a good pile of clothing for the charity shop.  We have a good pile of items to go back to the boat.  It's been great to have the clothes rack, extension lead, and other bits and pieces to use until we go home.  We will take them back on our last day.  Thanks Tore and Kirsten!

Earlier in the day Mick took some photos of the village near where we are staying.  It's called Sherbourne and is full of very attractive houses and some lovely old barns just ripe for conversion into housing.   There is no pub or store though. This evening as we cooked dinner we were missing a can of tomatoes so jumped in the car to drive to Barford, where the nearest convenience store is.  What a stunning little village it is!  I wish I'd taken more photos now but I did get one of the store.

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