Monday 2 June 2014

A visit to Hidcote

I've always wanted to visit Hidcote to see the gardens at their best.  We really enjoyed the garden... just stunning.  It was an enjoyable couple of hours wandering around admiring the various areas.

We came back to the barn for lunch and then headed out again to collect the remainder of our stuff from the boat.  Mick was horrified to find it covered in cut grass.  He couldn't help himself, he gave that side of the boat a quick washdown.  It's such a strange feeling to be on the boat knowing she's not ours any more.

We had Lynne and her friend Marie coming for dinner and to say farewill.  On the way back from the boat we stopped to buy some goodies for dinner and arrived back just before they were due to arrive.  Good timing.

It was nice to see the girls one last time before we leave.  After dinner we heard an almighty racket from sheep coming through to the field behind our barn.  The ewes and lambs were frantically calling for each other as they milled about.  Goodness they were loud!  We stood out watching them for a while as they made their way into our field from the one further back.  Eventually mothers and babies were all reunited and peace returned.

It was enjoyable evening which included a spirited game of cards.  It was after midnight by the time we all went to bed.... a late night for us.

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