Saturday 31 May 2014

Return to the Midlands

We are all toured out after the last few days so decided to just head back to the Midlands and call in at Rose Narrowboats on the way to our accomodation.  We wanted to collect the things that we want to wash while staying in the cottage for the rest of our time in the UK.

By the time we got to Rose, did what we needed to do, had a chat with Anthony, checked into our accomodation, unpacked the mountain of stuff in the car (not sure how it's going to fit in two suitcases), drove to Warwick to buy groceries..... well, the day was gone.

We have a few things already lined up for our last 6 days. It's a scary thought that we have less than a week left.  Where, oh where, did more than 20 months disappear to?

So now we are tucked up in a converted barn on a farm.  The other self catering cottage is empty this week and the owners left us a note saying they're away until tomorrow night.  It feels so nice to be on our own here tonight.  Very peaceful.  

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