Sunday 4 May 2014

Historic boats at Braunston

This morning was just lovely.  We woke to a good frost but blue sky and the promise of sunshine.

It turns out there's a bit of a boat gathering at Braunston this weekend.  Old working boats Nutfield and Raymond were moored in the marina.  We were out for a walk and got chatting to the folk from "Friends of Raymond" and ended up sitting in the boatmans cabin having a great old chat.  We saw a few other old boats about too.

We went to visit Tyson, the fender makers dog and had a good chat with his owner as well.  We had a look at the boats for sale and talked with the marina folk.  Then it was on to the gorgeous little canal shop up by the first lock.

I had work to do so Mick went off again later in the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and I stayed in with boats passing by in both directions.  We've had a very enjoyable day!

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