Friday 16 May 2014

Last day afloat

Rugby to Brinklow : 4 miles
To date : 1365 miles, 906 locks

Thursday 15th May
How strange it felt today, knowing it was our last day on the boat.  It was different in another way too.... we have no more Aussie flags on the boat so there was nobody calling out asking where in Oz we are from.  We gave our window flags to Kelvin and Rachael yesterday.

We were passed by nb Tagine Queen, twice, as they winded ahead and came back again.    We had a brief chat as they went.  Mick saw the hire boat carrying Bob and Wendy on their way back to Braunston.

Thee wasn't a long way to travel today as we wanted to moor not too far from Rose Narrowboats so we would be ready for an early start in the morning.  Enterprise rang to say they were coming to collect us after dropping off another customer so we waited up on the bridge for an hour before they finally arrived.  They're always so helpful and friendly and this was the first time we've had any inconvenience.  It was four months ago we last drove a car.  First we went to Rose to make arrangements for tomorrow.  We need somewhere that we can get the car near the boat and that certainly isn't this mooring with its muddy towpath beyond.  We have so much stuff to get in the car!

We've been rushing around the rest of the day trying to get very thing done.  We will have to come back after our visit to Cornwall to finish cleaning up properly.  

Mick took the car back to Rose and left it there behind their gate ready for tomorrow.  Tonight we are surrounded by bags and boxes and tubs off stuff.  We haven't got the suitcase out yet because there is nowhere we could put it.  It will be a very early morning tomorrow so we can get there before too many of the hireboats return..... then we might be able to get the car right up beside the boat.

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