Friday 23 May 2014

nb Parisien Star has new owners

We left Port Isaac straight after breakfast to begin the long drive to Scotland over 2 days.  It was pouring rain when we left.  As we drove the rain came and went.

In the middle of the day we stopped for lunch at one of the motorway services to break the drive a little. We passed so many familiar places and even spied narrowboats down on the canals as we drove over them.

We stopped at a HSBC branch to withdraw some money and noticed the funds sent by Tore and Kirsten in payment for the boat had arrived.  It seemed as good a time as any to go in and sort out the transfer back to our Aussie account.  They couldn't offer us a rate to beat UKForex so I processed the deal with UKforex and then a transfer from our HSBC account to pay for it.

We decided it was time enough to stop for the day and we weren't far from Lynne's.  We haven't seen her for a while so we took up her offer from last week and stopped overnight.  We picked up fish pie and veg for dinner and had a couple of hours catching up before she had to leave for her night shift.  It's so much nicer to sit in her lounge room and watch Salvage Hunters than being in a motel room.

It was also good to get some advice about which route to take from here.  Lynne's an avid tourer and has just got back from Ireland. We will have about the same amount of driving to do tomorrow to reach our destination just North of Edinburgh.

So..... nb Parisien Star no longer belongs to us.  I think we are a little past being sad now.... I think.  We are thrilled that she's going to folk who will take excellent care of her.  Congratulations to new owners Tore and Kirsten.

In 2 weeks time we will be on the plane ready for take off.  Hard to get our heads around that!

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