Tuesday 27 May 2014

Anstruther, Pittenweem, St Monen, Elie

We did a little tour of each village along the coast today, beginning with Anstruther.  Yesterday it was heaving with people so we decided this morning would be a better time.  We enjoyed a good walk around the town and the harbour.  It looked lovely against the blue sky.  So different to yesterday in St Andrews when we could barely make out the horizon between the grey sky and the grey water. The wharf was lined with lobster pots.  Much bigger than the crab pots at Port Isaac.

At Pittenweem we got chatting to one of the fishermen on his boat.  Mick asked him what type of fish they caught and it took about 3 attempts before we understood what he said.  "It's prawns we go for"! We bought a takeaway coffee from a little wharfside cafe at St Monen and watched the boaters' activity.  They are lovely little villages with interest harbours and some nice houses. Finally at Elie we went to check out the "award winning" beach.  Hmmm... not quite what we expected.

We've noticed in Scotland is that there are lots of houses with pebble-crete.  Dreadful stuff it is and even the new houses often have it.  I can't believe they put that stuff over stunning old stone.  Another thing we've noticed in this area is that all the houses have little storm porches.  There are actually two front doors, one behind the other.  The house where we are staying has them too with lovely tessellated tiles in the porch area.  As we drove around today we noticed many of the houses leave the outer door open or ajar.  The inner door is often glazed so I guess by leaving the outside door open they get some additional light in.

We checked out yet another farmshop, buying a very nice loaf of bread for our lunch.  This morning we put a load of washing on and when we returned to the house we kept moving the washing over the radiators to try and get it dry for tomorrow when we move on again.

I received an email from Karen in Oregon, USA.  How nice it is to think other people have enjoyed our journey when they aren't able to do something like this themselves.  Karen, I very much appreciate you getting in touch to say you're enjoying reading the blog.

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