Thursday 15 May 2014

Aussie visitors

We had a lazy morning, Mick slept in but I was up before 6am as is usual these days.  I will be glad when the next couple of days are over... the packing and washing and cleaning and hoping everything goes well with survey and settlement and..... the exchange rate could stop creeping too!  There is washing hanging everywhere, all the floor mats have been washed and there are piles of things everywhere that need to be packed... somehow.

We had a message from blog readers Kelvin and Rachael from Melbourne, Australia.  They've recently arrived and are looking for a boat to buy.  We have looked at a couple for them.  They came to visit and we pored over their list of boats, they had a look around the boat and then some lunch.  I can't believe I forgot to take a photo!  It was great to meet you both and we will look forward to a home country get together.

When they left I walked with them to Tesco where they'd left their car and then I went to see a movie as the cinema is so close.   Just what I needed.... to get away from the boat by myself for a bit.  

Another familiar boat moored opposite us today. It was nb Jemma, our old mooring neighbours in the marina our first Winter.  We had a chat across the canal with them.  They only moord up to go shopping.  This evening there are some boats across the canal.  I don't know why it was so quiet last night.

The weather was just lovely today.  There's a bit of a heat wave over the next few days.  Fantastic for us!    Lunch at the dinette was really nice with the side hatch doors wide open and the sun streaming in.  We had two separate doggie visitors peering in with paws on the gunwale.

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